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About the project

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Doxxed Team

No Rug Pulls Here

Genuine art

Over 75 diverse traits

1420 Koalas

Low supply to guarantee demand

IRL Utility

- ADA rewards for certain traits

- Nft Slabs for every 1/1

Staking that provide rewards

Strong Community

Over 3000 organic followers on Twitter and Discord


With over 75 traits for a 1420 collection, we strive to achieve diversity in order to allow a sense of personality in each NFT from our collection.

Our designer worked hard to make very distinct traits, that still combine well with each other, offering the most clean looking Koalas.

Check out our very talented designer by clicking on the button below.

Doxxed team

Rugpulls are no joke. We want to make sure our community feels safe investing on our project and we are here for the long haul. No need to hide our identity.

Click the link below to access TED Nation´s website and find out more about their doxxing service.



2th of December 

Loyalty nuggets

To make sure we reward our most loyal supporters and create a solid community, we came up with the Loyalty Nuggets.

The Loyalty Nuggets are the ultimate stoner NFT. They give WL and OG access to mint our collection as well as discounts for mint day.

There are 3 rarities available, each with specific benefits. 

Every Nugget also doubles as a staking asset. 

This means that on top of staking your CCS koala nfts, you will also be able to stake your Loyalty Nuggets.

With staking being our main utility, 

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Green Goblin
WL Access
25% off mint price

Golden Gem
OG Access
Free Mint

Purple Kush
OG Access
50% off mint price


Wen Mint?
2 of December

Is the team doxxed?
Yes, check out our doxxed section above

What is the  supply?
1420 koalas

Wen discord?
Online now! Check our twitter for link

How to WL?
Only way is to get a Loyalty Nugget. Support the project and participate on our giveaways.


Thanks for submitting!

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